How To Be A Good Roblox Troll

Trolling is almost always met with disdain when it comes to online platforms (be it gaming or social media). But would you believe there are some skills involved on to how to troll on Roblox? That’s right – there is a way to make trolling fun but not to the point of bullying or intimidating someone. In fact, there are groups specifically created for the fine art of trolling on Roblox, complete with “trainers” (most likely the equivalent of prank coaches) and their troll trainees.

Today, we’re going to give you five tips on how to be the perfect Roblox troll. You may be funny and the life of the party in real life, but on Roblox, there are some unspoken rules about the ins and outs of trolling which are best followed. One of them is (this needs to be in all caps) KEEP IT CLEAN AND ALL IN GOOD FUN. Any predatory behavior or anything that can potentially violate the terms of service should be reported immediately.

So with that being said, if you want to have a satisfying prankster experience on Roblox without getting caught, consider the following tips and tricks.

Roblox Armored Patrol

Create Alternate Email Accounts

The first important step on how to become a troll is never to use your personal email to create a troll account. Doing that would just be plain dumb (and also potentially dangerous). If you plan on trolling more than one game (or forum, or site), then it’s best to start a new account for each one. While you’re at it, make sure the email addresses aren’t simple variations of each other so as not to make it too obvious that you’re a single entity. Also, keep track of all of them, and make sure not to use one password for all your trolling email accounts!

Create Alternate Email Accounts

Use a Virtual Private Network

A VPN is your friend when it comes to trolling and covering up your digital tracks. A virtual private network allows you to change your IP address so you won’t get banned should someone detect your trolling intentions. Just make sure the VPN will not be used for anything illicit or illegal because you deserve to get banned for those!

Use a Virtual Private Network

Arm Yourself With the Right Memes

Remember what we said a few paragraphs up about Roblox trolling being a fine art? That’s because it takes practice, skills, the right kind of materials and attitude, and a whole lot of confidence to pull off the perfect trolling performance. Memes represent some of the best ways to troll someone on just about any kind of online platform. However, not all memes can be LOL-worthy or even something that makes others sit up and notice. Keep it fresh, apt, and on time (spamming others with memes can get annoying, fast). Old memes will only date you and make you seem like a noob. So brush up on your meme game, arm yourself with only the freshest ones that are suitable for Roblox trolling, and throw in a few original ones you made yourself, while you’re at it!

Arm Yourself With the Right Roblox Memes

Start With the Roblox Noobs

How do you troll someone and ensure that you have a high success rate? Start with the Roblox noobs, that’s how. Assuming you already know the ins and outs (or at least the basics) of this gaming platform, you can troll newbies who ask obvious questions they can find either on the site’s FAQs or even via basic Googling. Some of the best noob trolls involve wild goose chases that pretty much waste a substantial amount of time that could have been devoted to actually playing games. But always remember to keep the trolling fun and never to the point of bullying or belittling someone. And when you’re ready to reach out with a helping hand, go ahead and do so.

Start With the Roblox Noobs

Pick a Good Place to Troll

You can start with the games you like or at least the ones that are filled with noobs. Or you can go to particular forums and start your trolling game there. Our personal favorites are trolls in the comments sections because you never know who is in earnest, and who will fall for the pranking going on in there. Wherever you find yourself, though, it’s best to have your trolling tactics tailor-made for the game, forum, or other platforms you feel like spreading some good, clean, humorous prank. Using just one type of trolling will most likely give you away, and it’s also highly possible that other members are already familiar with your technique and could either troll you back or completely ignore you (which is tragic).

So those are just some ways on how to troll on Roblox successfully. The secret lies in being funny and entertaining but never becoming obnoxious or malicious. Remember that even class clowns and real-life pranksters/comedians should know their boundaries and refrain from doing things that could hurt or violate someone else’s rights and feelings.

Later, Robloxians!

Pick a Good Place to Troll on Roblox


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