Five Ways Not To Be a Noob on Roblox

So you’re a new Roblox player. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a noob, though.

What does ‘noob’ mean in Roblox context, exactly? Well, new players will always be there. Everyone gets introduced to something for the first time, after all. But new players can become experts fast, as long as there is the desire to learn the ropes and earn some experience on their own. However, being called a noob often translates into being a lousy player because they don’t know (or don’t care to follow) the written and unspoken rules of the game. While this might not hold true all of the time, your actions as a new player could affect how others perceive you (whether it’s a first impression or something that lasts).

Today, we’re here to discuss how not to be a noob on Roblox – or at least not in the derogatory sense mentioned above. We previously went over how to be cool on Roblox, and it’s a good thing that some of the tips there also apply here. But it’s important to reiterate some vital issues – five of which are illustrated below so you will know what to do as a Roblox newbie.

Ways Not To Be a Noob on Roblox

Always Be Respectful (No Matter What)

In the gaming realm, this suggestion might be a bit hard to take (and digest) since trash-talking seems to be par for the course. However, acting with respect and courtesy is often disarming even to the biggest bullies online. A lot of them actually expect you to fight and talk back, and the odds are they are prepared for bigger, more hurtful insults to hurl at you (maybe worse). Don’t even give them that chance. Instead, give a virtual shrug and tell them that you will have to agree to disagree on whatever the issue is.

On the flip side, do not be the bully! Respect begets respect, so if someone appears to be lost or confused in a game, by all means, extend a (virtual) helping hand. Do not be dismissive about their concerns no matter how petty they may seem, Besides, imparting knowledge you have earned (regardless if its new info to you or not) will give you the patina of a Roblox player who has been there, done that, and will help others go through it smoothly, as well.

The bottom line here is: do not engage in bullying tactics no matter how tempting and try not to be mean yourself (if you can’t be helpful).

Always Be Respectful on Roblox

Make Cool New Friends

Do you remember how it is to be a freshman or a new kid at a school and not knowing who to spend lunchtimes and breaks with in the beginning? This is kind of how it is for a newbie Roblox player when they first start playing. Some anxiety might set in, but having friends you can rely on will make the game immensely more enjoyable. You can always opt to join the Builder’s Club so you can add a couple of other members as friends. But you can also do this without the membership, as long as you add people you play games and interact with.

The bottom line here is: make friends! You don’t have to make a boatload of them (in which case, you really can’t because there is a limit), but add those you have a rapport with and whom you think has got your back.

Make Cool New Friends on Roblox

Invest in Roblox Swag

…sorry, but that’s how it is. Even on gaming platforms, everyone can recognize if someone is basic, based on their lack of cool clothing and items. It’s perfectly understandable to want to guard your Robux since you’re new to the experience and don’t want to spend it all at once. But give yourself a timeline on when to upgrade your default clothing, at least! Nothing shouts out “noob Roblox player” more than the lack of identifiable outfits that could help you define your figure’s personality.

The bottom line here is: don’t be scared to be parted with your precious Robux! You can always earn them back using legit means (more on this in coming posts). Splurge a bit and get yourself some cool swag!

Invest in Roblox Swag

Steer Clear of Scams

Scams are everywhere, in almost every sort of platform – whether it’s in real life or online. Sadly, Roblox isn’t exempted from this unsavory practice. There have been reports of “free” Robux generators which basically asks you to sign up using your login information in exchange for some of that precious Roblox in-game currency. This is a scam, plain and simple. There are legit and safe ways to earn some Robux, but never in this manner. If it seems too good to be true and “only” asks for your personal and private information in return, then run very far away from it!

The bottom line here is: just do things the legit way. Buy them, or sign up on GPT sites like GrabPoints to be able to get the closest thing to free Robux (as well as other cool rewards).

Free Robux on Roblox on GrabPoints

Do Not Engage In (Nor Tolerate) Harmful Behavior

Lately, there is alarming news everywhere about cyberbullying and people causing younger players to do self-harm (or even worse). While most of these incidents seem to be happening on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, some articles also, unfortunately, mention Roblox and other gaming platforms as sources of harmful, predatory, and illicit activities. In a perfect world, no predators can even step foot into these platforms without getting banned, but that is sadly not the case. It is up to responsible players like you to make sure they can no longer have a space on Roblox to spread malice.

The bottom line here is: when you come across behavior like this, report them immediately. In fact, report anything that goes against the site’s terms of service. By doing so, you will be helping to create a safe space for anyone who wants to enjoy Roblox and all that it offers.

There will always be Roblox noobs as long as there is Roblox. But knowing how to act, react, speak, play, and interact while on this platform can help you earn the badge of someone who knows what they are doing in no time.

Later, Robloxians!

Do Not Engage In Harmful Behavior

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