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How To Build in Roblox (Like a Pro)

Roblox building is the ultimate non-noob act on Roblox, bar none. After all, a Roblox game requires some necessary building skills in order for a player to enjoy it. I mean, who wants a monochromatic landscape devoid of any characteristic? Surprisingly, a lot of Robloxians find it a challenge – being a Roblox builder, that

How To Be A Good Roblox Troll

Trolling is almost always met with disdain when it comes to online platforms (be it gaming or social media). But would you believe there are some skills involved on to how to troll on Roblox? That’s right – there is a way to make trolling fun but not to the point of bullying or intimidating

How To Avoid Roblox Hacking

They say hacking is part and parcel of a gamer’s life. Well, we’re here to say that it shouldn’t be! Roblox should always be a safe space for anyone who wants to enjoy its platform. There is absolutely no reason for malicious Roblox hackers to regularly establish their presence there, or even exist to wreak

Avoiding The Dreaded Roblox Ban

We initially thought of doing a “How To Get Banned On Roblox” post as a way to list down all the stuff you should avoid doing if you want to remain active on Roblox. However, we realized that neither irony or sarcasm was our strongest suit. Plus, we don’t want to get blamed for people

Five Ways Not To Be a Noob on Roblox

So you’re a new Roblox player. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a noob, though. What does ‘noob’ mean in Roblox context, exactly? Well, new players will always be there. Everyone gets introduced to something for the first time, after all. But new players can become experts fast, as long as there is

How to Be Cool on Roblox: Five Tips

Hey, Robloxians! Now that we’ve gotten the basics of Roblox out of the way with our previous blog post, it’s time to step up your game. Today’s topic focuses on how to look cool on Roblox (as opposed to being a total noob). Coolness transcends all manner of interactions, so online video games aren’t exempted

Roblox Tips and Tricks

Roblox is a creative platform which allows players to use it in many different ways. It appeals to a lot of people across age groups and inclinations because it combines world-building with the kind of interaction offered up by social media sites. But since Roblox offers so much in just one package, many beginner players